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Ksena Healthcare is a specialist distributor of products and services for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergic diseases. Our products and services include diagnostic blood tests for IgE-mediated allergy (FABER multiplex IgE test / FastCheck), anti-allergen barrier covers (Mite Protex), epinephrine auto-injector JEXT , allergen immunotherapy (Alutard) and patch test system.

Our Company only supply IgE allergy Test. IgE Test is the ONLY Acceptable Diagnostic Test for Allergic patients, according to the latest guidelines of The Hong Kong Institute of Allergy concerning “in-vitro” allergy tests.

FastCheckPOC ® - Your preferred screening test for allergies

Reliable, Efficient and Comprehensive Allergy Test

  • Comparable sensitivity and specificity to the Gold Standard
  • Only a pin prick is needed for screening
  • Covers over 90% common inhalant and food allergens in Hong Kong

Mite-Protex - Your allergy proof covers

Designed for humid climate conditions

  • Tightly woven fabric with systematized regular pattern
  • Clinically proven, can reduce dust-mite allergen by 97%
  • Breathable, comfortable, durable
  • Clinical trials conducted in Southeast Asia and proven suitability for Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Allergy Association Offers Certificate of Appreciation, Silver Sponsor

Mediazone's Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards Night 2017

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Spring is the season for seasonal allergies, eczema sufferers usually develop from itchy, red and swollen skin. Thus, eczema patients should proceed for an allergy test to screen for allergens, so as to carry out preventive measures accordingly.

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